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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gakuensai Only

All of the post is created by myself except when it is stated

assalamualaikum to all Muslim readers and salam sejahtera to the non-Muslim
this is my first time writing this blog in English. i haven't used English for a long time and if anything wrong with my writing, do forgive me.
first of all, it has been almost 9 month since i came to japan.i have faced the late spring, a very hot summer and now it,s autumn. this change of season makes me feel a little bit weird because, there is no autumn, spring or winter in Malaysia, the only one that we can feel in Malaysia is only panas dan lembap sepanjang tahun. the temperature is slowly fall now and i can feel the coldness of winter that i will face it in the near time.
And now i like to share the moment when we, the Malaysian Student Association of Takushoku University, opened a Malaysian Stall in Gakuensai (Open Campus Day). There were a lot of excitement i got from the 3-full-exhausted-enjoy-day. the moment that i will never forget is i have been judged by a japanese who has a lot of ragam. i made him a cup of teh tarik, then he told me that the tea was tawar and i made him another cup of tea. once again he commented on the tea. What i've learnt from the moment is we cannot make all people feel comfortable with our action, like a Malay idioms say, rambut sama hitam, tapi hati lain-lain. from that i learnt about how to run a business properly rather than making profit from the business. at the stall, we made teh tarik, mee bandung, sirap bandung, roti canai, roti jala, currypuff, popia and dadih. Alhamdullillah, although the foods we prepared were not as goods as in Malaysia, we managed to introduce the variety of food that we have in Malaysia. i felt very proud when i heard that the Japanese praised our malaysian food. the aim to introduce malaysian food to the japanese was very success.
ok, i think i want to stop here. next time i will wrote another post, salam

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